Top 10 Most Popular New Anime of 2023

The current season is buzzing with excitement, and the anime world is in full swing. Without wasting any time, let me share my picks for the top 10 most popular new anime of 2023. In this list, I will be featuring new anime, so if you’re still undecided on which show to watch, this list might help you find something that catches your interest.

10. I got a cheat skill in another world

Adventure , Magic

I got a cheat skill in another world

I got a cheat skill in another world makes a nice opening, don’t you think? I look at it as a tale as old as time, where a guy tries to make a splash by attaching itself to a unique gimmick, promising something that you’ve never seen before or something you haven’t seen as much of. I’ve got a cheat skill attempts to do that with how it marketed itself as a pseudo isekai. While it has all the makings of an isekai, it tries to build its premise around having the isekai powers and settings applied in the real world.

As for the actual result, I think it’s middle of the pack. It inspires me to generally enjoy it for what it is. I do think some parts and developments were pretty rushed, but if you’re already a fan of these kinds of isekai, then it shouldn’t be anything new to you. You can just sit back and let the show take its course. It’s not exactly a ground-breaking show, despite the seemingly unique premise, but it’s popcorn entertainment. It does its job pretty well. It’s cool, and a lot of times, that’s just what one needs when picking up an anime to watch. That’s why I picked it as one of my top 10 most popular new anime of 2023.

9. My home hero

Drama , Suspense

My home hero

My Home Hero is a show that draws a lot of interest. It’s got a good premise, and from the get-go, it quickly reels you in with a conflict that you can’t seem to wait to see develop. And when it comes to the premise and how they handled it, I think that My Home Hero does a pretty decent job. Like the previous entry, it’s not exactly a groundbreaking addition to the series, but if you’re looking for something in this vein—a whole crime and suspense story to watch—then this could be an enjoyable choice for you. My Home Hero’s position on the list is mainly due to the production values needing some work. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled with impressive art and animation in recent times. Nonetheless, for a story that generates as much intrigue as My Home Hero, it deserves more love and care in its adaptation. However, this aspect doesn’t make or break the show for me. It remains one of my top 10 most popular new anime of 2023.

8. My love story with yamadakun at level 999


My love story with yamadakun at level 999

Now, here’s a show that I’ve included in my top 10 most popular new anime of 2023. After checking it out, I think it’s a fun show to watch. At first glance, it’s reminiscent of shows like ‘Recovery of an MMO Junkie’ or ‘Wotakoi’ since those are more popular. Regardless, there’s always a soft spot in my heart for rom-coms. This show explores social interactions from the perspective of gamers or geeks, offering a bit of everything you’d want from a rom-com: lovable characters, good chemistry, comedy, and some valuable life lessons. Some people have compared it to “Horimiya,” and I can see why. If you’re looking for a light-hearted rom-com to watch this season, you’ll certainly find something enjoyable in it.

7. Death mount death play is up

Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Death mount death play is up

I genuinely love the source material, and I think the anime did a good job in capturing the experience of reading it and translating it into animated form. I must say that the fight scenes impressed me, and they effectively draw you in, even as early as the first episode. So far, the show has been fantastic at building intrigue and creating that captivating drama that keeps you hooked, continuously delivering cliffhangers. It’s an enjoyable to watch, and I highly recommend it for this season. Unless you have a absolutely dislikes to shows with a grim atmosphere, this is definitely one that you should check out.

6. Insomniacs after school 


Insomniacs after school 

There’s something truly warm and cozy about this Slice of Life anime, which feels somewhat ironic considering its premise. Your personal experience may vary, but feelings of warmth and relaxation are not typically associated with the embrace of the night. However, these accurately describe the dialogue and relationship between our main characters here. Insomniac’s After School” is a simple story that revolves around two main characters bonding over their shared dilemma and growing together with each other’s support. It’s a romance where the likability of the main characters shines, which I believe is one of the most important aspects of a character-based work like this. The show avoids convoluted love triangles or excessive melodrama, which only enhances its appeal. If you prefer a sweet and relaxing romance rather than the comedic hijinks of “Yamada-kun,” this is my recommendation. Please leave a comment below, and I will also write about the top 10 most sweet and romantic popular  new anime of 2023.

5. Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Magic, Superpower, Comedy

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

“One Punch Man” has found a new successor, and it seems to have taken place in a magic academy. The premise is quite simple, but it says a lot about the show. Despite its straightforward plot, it remains highly entertaining. There’s something incredibly charming about satirical, overpowered protagonist shows that makes them so lovable, even though we’ve seen them in various forms by now. One notable example is “Misfit of Demon King Academy.” In contrast, “Mashle” fully embraces the gags and comedic elements, allowing them to take the forefront. This approach works in its favor, distinguishing it from “Misfit” and adding to its overall appeal. For someone eager to experience something with the same vibes as “One Punch Man,” “Mashle” comes as a delightful treat. It’s clear that the show draws inspiration and cues from “Black Clover” and “Harry Potter,” which adds to the overall enjoyment. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog story that takes a surprising turn when the protagonist reveals their secret overpowering abilities?

4. Skip to Loafer

Magic, Superpower, Comedy

Skip to Loafer

Skip to Loafer” is one of the top 10 most popular new anime of 2023. It captures relatable aspects of youth, especially in our bustling and ever-changing society. The show explores the challenges of embarking on a new adventure and feeling like a fish out of water, a situation many of us can relate to. “Skip to Loafer” falls into the category of charming school dramas that we come across from time to time, with lovable characters and an overall positive and welcoming tone. It takes things slowly but never feels boring Once you become familiar with the characters in the world they live in and I myself find it a breath of fresh air. Especially considering how a live shows seem to try to craft up a very deep plot or a lot of forced darkness in order to catch the attention of the fans having a nice relaxing and wholesome show like this is actually quite a lot of fun. It serves as a great companion to “Insomniac’s After School” if you decide to watch both.

3. Heavenly Delusion

Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Heavenly Delusion

“Heavenly Delusion” quickly establishes itself as a series that can be compared to another show with a similar premise, such as “The Promised Neverland.” However, while the latter emphasizes horror, “Heavenly Delusion” seems to lean more towards the mystery and survival aspects of the premise”. Sure it’s got some controversial aspects but with how good it is in terms of everything else like the dialogue and the World building it’s a show that I’d heartily recommend to most people are for some mature anime. It’s definitely one of the most captivating successes among the most popular anime of 2023 so far.

2. Hell’s Paradise

Action, Adventure and Fantasy
Hell's Paradise

Hell’s Paradise is a show that I had high expectations for going into the season, and I’m happy to say that it has met those expectations. I’ve been impressed with the dark and adventurous feel, as well as the action-packed scenes. The anime adaptation has done a great job of capturing the main themes, thanks in part to the visually stunning animation and well-executed sound direction. The characters also have intriguing backstories, and their development throughout the series is sure to captivate any fan who has even a slight interest in the resilient crew. Overall, the show is a perfect example of how atmosphere and character dynamics work together to create an anime that grabs your attention from the start. Of course most people watch it for the action and adventure but it’s also got some interesting things to say about the idea of life and death if you’re to ask me a strong meaningful themes like It’s the perfect finishing touch for me, adding a sense of fulfilment. It is the best  action top 10 most popular new anime of 2023  that you should definitely watch.

1. Oshi no ko

Drama, Supernatural

Oshi no ko 

This anime really nailed it! I already had high hopes for the show, I have added this anime to my top 10 most popular new anime of 2023 knowing it was destined to be a massive hit. But the extent of its success caught me completely off guard. I have to give credit to their genius move of making the first episode movie-length, instantly captivating viewers and leaving them craving more with an epic cliffhanger. The mystery aspect is absolutely awesome, and the characters play a crucial role in making the show a complete package. It’s a series that took many anime enthusiasts by surprise, especially with its unexpected dark turn and serious tone. So, those are my picks for the top 10 anime of spring 2023. How does my list compare to yours? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. if you want to watch anime for free you can visit : 9anime  

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