14+ Best Manhwa Where MC is a Necromancer (Ranked)

In this article, we will be sharing a collection of captivating New Manhwa/Manga Where MC is a Necromancer.

The power of a necromancer allows them to summon and control the undead, making them formidable forces in battle. Let’s delve into these 16 amazing manhwa with necromancer protagonists for you to explore.

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14+ Best Manhwa Where MC is a Necromancer

Here are the list of list of 14+ Best Manhwa Where MC is a Necromancer, lets dive into it.

Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker Manhwa/Manga Where MC is a Necromancer

‘Ranker Who Lives A Second Time’ is a South Korean webtoon that follows the journey of Yeon-woo, once the most revered warrior, who was betrayed and killed by his comrades.

However, his twin brother seeks revenge, and with knowledge of the future and exceptional combat skills, Yeon-woo climbs the Tower where powerful warriors gather, seeking hidden secrets. It stands as one of the finest manhwa with a necromancer MC.

SSS Class Suicide Hunter

This South Korean webtoon, authored by Hyeon-Kyeong Ryu and illustrated by Gyeong-Su Park, revolves around Kang Chan, a man desperate for a unique ability.

When he gains an SSS class ability, he discovers that using it leads to his death, but he gets a chance to go back in time. It’s a gripping manhwa where the protagonist explores the possibilities of life and death.

Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero manhwa

In this manhwa, the MC was a powerful warrior in the esteemed ‘Messiah Guild,’ but his own guild members betray and kill him just as he is close to saving the world. After being reborn, he sets out for revenge, armed with knowledge from the future.

It’s a thrilling journey of vengeance, making it one of the top dungeon manhwa featuring a necromancer.

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

This manhwa tells the story of a simple skeleton monster entrusted with protecting a dungeon until humans invade and kill all the dungeon’s inhabitants.

However, the skeleton revives with a special power, leading to an enthralling tale filled with adventure and mystery.

Blind Faith Descent

Blind Faith Descent

In the city of Joran, Shiron, initially a slave, secretly trains to become a powerful necromancer, seeking revenge against knights and fulfilling his destiny as one of the chosen children of Chronos. It’s a tale of perseverance and vengeance.

White Necromancer Road to Necromancer King

White Necromancer Road to Necromancer King

Thoru Kurumain, reborn into a different world, seeks to become a necromancer, unraveling the mysteries of an RPG game he used to play in his previous life.

His journey to reach level 50 makes for an exciting manga with a necromancer protagonist.

Dungeon House

Dungeon House

Kim Hyun Buok’s life takes a turn when his apartment door connects to a dungeon, leading him to become trapped inside. He later discovers a dungeon webpage and awakens as a necromancer, using his newfound powers to survive.

The Executed Sage is Reincarnated as a Lich and Starts an all-out war

The Executed Sage is Reincarnated as a Lich and Starts an all-out war

After defeating the demon lord and restoring peace, Dwilight and Claire Baton are wrongly accused and thrown into the valley of the dead. Dwilight, however, gains incredible power and seeks revenge against the world. It’s a captivating manga where a necromancer protagonist seeks vengeance.

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

Diablo Wolfie, a powerful magician, is sealed for ages due to the gods’ schemes. After being reborn, he uses his knowledge from his previous life to become even stronger. The manga’s excellent artwork and well-paced story make it a must-read.

Death Mage who doesn’t want a Fourth Time

Death Mage who doesn’t want a Fourth Time manhwa

Amamiya Hiroto’s unfortunate deaths and rebirths in another world drive him to seek vengeance. As a half-vampire, half-dark elf, he aims to live his third life, carrying remnants of his past experiences.

The Lone Necromancer

The Lone Necromancer manhwa

Sung Woo chooses the necromancer class to fight off monsters invading the world. This unique manhwa stands out with its distinct art style and storyline.

Seoul Station Necromance

Seoul Station Necromance manhwa

Kang Yujin returns to Earth 20 years after being summoned to another planet, only to find an Earth overrun by monsters. Armed with future knowledge, he becomes a powerful necromancer on his quest for strength.

Necromancer Survival

Necromancer Survival manhwa

Lee Kyung, labeled as having the worst class, necromancer, strives to survive the emergence of gates and monsters. His contract with a vengeful spirit becomes crucial in his fight for survival.

The Previous Life Murim Ranker

The Previous Life Murim Ranker

Gang Tae, once an undefeatable SS class necromancer, is betrayed and killed by his guild master. Reincarnated into a different world, he uses his past powers to navigate a martial arts-based society.


These manhwa presents 14+ Best Manhwa Where MC is a Necromancer , thrilling world where monstrous creatures invade and chaos ensues. The protagonist’s unique decision to become a necromancer, who has the power to control the dead, sets the stage for an enthralling tale of survival and vengeance.

With death as his wealth and extinction as a mere playground, the protagonist embarks on an extraordinary journey. For an immersive experience in this captivating world, be sure to delve into this remarkable manhwa.

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