Why Demon Slayer Sword Maker Village is kept hidden for 300 years?

Tanjiro has got his ultimate weapon in swordsmith village. To be honest no one knows where the Demon Slayer sword maker village is. It’s a mysterious place where the Demon Slayer swords are forged by special swordsmiths like Haganezuka from nature in metal but the biggest secret of the village is that within it lies the strongest weapon in all of demon slayer. This was the only thing in existence to left scar on the immortal being “Kibutsu Ji muzan”. We’re taking about non-other than the strongest  slayer Yoriichi’s very own Crimson bright red blade.

Demon Slayer Sword Maker Village

Where The Demon Slayer Sword Maker Village is located And How to Get there ?

As I said the village’s location is kept secret to protect it and the Demon Slayer Sword Maker Swordsmiths they are the most crucial element in the fight against Muzan. There’s no saying how or when it’s location could get leaked thus the only way to get to the swordsmith village is if a kusa guy crow leads someone to it. On top of that the Demon Slayer has to be blindfolded and wear nose plugs while travelling on piggyback via multiple kakushi but there is more.

Where The Demon Slayer Sword Maker Village is located And How to Get there ?

Why swordsmiths hide their face by wearing mask?

Just like their village even its residents are super serious about holding their identity secrets that’s why they why they wear those creepy ass masks. These shortoko masks keep them from being tracked by physical appearance. Moreover they also stay alert of being tailed back to the village not to risk anyone else this legendary village full of talented Demon Slayer Sword Maker Swordsmith has no confirmed origin yet but it was started that the village has existed more than 300 years prior to these story’s current events.

Why swordsmiths hide their face by wearing mask?

Why only demon slayer sword can kill demons ?

Every nitrogen blade is forged here out of material found only at the very peak of Sunlight Mountain absorbing direct energy from the one thing that can kill demons the sun.

How did Tanjiro gets the legendary black sword of Crimson?

When Tanjiro set out to search for the mystical weapon , he run into Muchiro . He is arguing with Kotetsu a young swordsmith from the village that helps tanjiro and a bid to obtained the key to Yuriichi type zero.

Crimson Sword

This is a mechanical battle doll created during the sengoku era but what’s special about it is that it was made on the basis of a real life person the creator of the sun breathing style and the greatest demon slayer in the history Yuriichi  Tsugikuni. Type zero has 6 arms and hands that each hold a katana because two were not even close to being able to replicate the finesse and movements of Yoriichi himself. With this Type zero had a total of 108 attack moves making it greatly surpassed the strength of demon slayer. Let alone average humans infect the six arms along with the position of their joint connection to the Torso is a reference to the Asuras.

How strong is Yoriichi type zero?

According to Kotetsu type zero was made of a technology they couldn’t replicate this meant that once type zero was actually fully broken down nobody could fix it.  However Kotetsu managed to fix up the minor damage which caused so that Tanjiro could use this doll to train in Demon Slayer sword maker village and although it now had one less arm with fewer moves.

Yoriichi type zero

How did Tanjiro unlocked his new power?

Tanjiro unlocked his new power

Kotetsu decides to train and instruct him so that he can heat the doll at it’s full capacity. As in the midst of battle against the type zero doll , Tanjiro unlocked a new power. He was able to grasp the full potential of his natural keen ability smell. It gave him a pseudo precognitive perception that allowed him to sense what moves the Yuriichi doll or any enemy for that matter would do next honing his senses to the peak. With his newfound power he discovered a 300 year old katana hidden within the doll in Demon Slayer Sword Maker Swordsmith village.

This sword was literally built different. It was the first blade to have reached the power of sun itself turning into Crimson. Unlike other blades the bright red ones can bypass the healing factor of the demons and even leaves the permanent damage on cellular level Muzan himself as seen when Yuriichi  slices him up into a thousand little piece .


The next time bright red blade makes its debut is when Nezuko using her demon blood technique lit tanjiro’s blade on fire. His blade being black has the highest probability of turning into its Crimson peak this is due to black being able to absorb heat much more efficiently than any other color. There’s also the fact that though immature Tanjiro always had a Demon Slayer mark which solidified him having the ability to wreak create the most powerful. Later with Yoriichi’s blade was able to turn it bright red all on his own without Nejuko’s  help, allowing him to deal  significant damaged to Mazan but none of this would have happened if Tanjiro had not inherited the sun breathing technique. Which effectively gave him the Demon Slayer mark.

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who makes the swords in demon slayer?

Hotaru, a masterful artisan of blades, possessed an unparalleled prowess in the ancient craft of forging Nichirin Swords.

who is sumiyoshi in demon slayer?

A member of the Kamado Family who lived in the past and had a strong connection with Yoriichi Tsugikuni and Tanjiro’s ancestor.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc Last Episode Release date?

The final episode of the Demon Slayer season 3 will last 90 minute and will release on June 18th.

what will happen in demon slayer season 4 ?

In Season 4, during the process of killing the high-ranking demon Nezuko Kamado, she exposes herself to sunlight. Surprisingly, she is unaffected by its effects. This news makes Muzan more intrigued, and he sends all the other demons to capture Nezuko for experimentation. Additionally, he dispatches one of the strongest demons, Kukushibo, to oversee the situation. I don’t want to spoil the entire story by revealing too much.

where can i watch demon slayer swordsmith villageAdd your title here?

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